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Just great! MTA passses another fare hike….

March 26, 2009
The MTA budget

The MTA budget

For my second post, just to start off, I am not one to get all political, I am independent on my views, can sway either way.  But what is happening in New York and the MTA raising fares yet again is just wrong.  Millions of people daily ride the subways and buses, thousands commute in using the LIRR and Metro North.  So, New York decides they don’t want to open the books on their finances to show the public where all the money is going (probably to pay all these crooked politicians), instead they keep claiming they have these massive deficits.  Amazing when the amount of money that flows through the system on a daily basis.  Now the subway and bus rides will cost everyone $2.50 a ride, up 50 cents.  A monthly unlimited  card increases to $108 a month, up from $80 previous.  Metro North and LIRR are facing increases of 24% – 33% (wow).  I thought the city is trying to discourage people from driving?  what incentive is this?  what happened to increasing the tolls?  What like to hear peoples opinions on this one.  Personally I ride Metro North everyday, it’s a great service, but since I started riding 10years ago, the ticket price has increased over $100 a month.  The daily ticket price is even more rediculous….,0,6865013.story


Off to the races…

March 25, 2009

horseWell, here it is, my first post.  Never thought I would be blogging myself, but I have been inspired by a few people.  They are Gary Vaynerchuk (VAY NER CHUK) of and the person who got me into Gary, the one and only Chris Dessi

So, speaking with Chris and listening to Gary has gotten me to think a lot about my life going forward and what I want to accomplish.  These two are very inspirational, great speakers, and just good people to know/listen to.  

I will be posting ideas, thoughts, daily happenings, videos, pics, etc. on hopefully a daily basis.  Hopefully I get some comments and ideas from people that will help me accomplish my goals.

Hello world!

March 25, 2009

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